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Meet the Intelligent Foundation

An intelligent, luminizing foundation that infuses fresh hydration and synchronizes with skin for a healthy brilliant glow, Synchro Skin Glow adapts to every face and skin tone, working with the skin’s individual qualities to beautify healthy growing complexion and maintain skin hydration.

Provides 8-hour hydration and maintains fully hydrated look and feel all day long.

Shiseido has succeeded in producing 16 shades to satisfy a wider range of skin tones, taking care of women around the globe.

Shake well and apply after skincare, smoothing on evenly from the center of the face outward. Build desired coverage levels with layered application.

unique technology works to perfect skin while hydrating and adding luminosity
  • Synchronization with your skin condition With Time Match Powder and Glow Enhancing Powder SG, Synchro Skin Glow optimizes light as skin conditions change throughout the day
  • Synchronization with your skin tone Transparent Correcting Polymer and Transparent Color Pigment EX enhances all skin tones, covering imperfections to achieve a natural, glowing finish
  • Skincare benefits−helps boosting skin’s self-hydrating power* A potent elixir of yuzu seed extracts helps to boost the skin’s power to moisturize itself with every application by maintaining the environment of skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production.*

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