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Solgar Natural Source Vitamin E 268 mg (400 iu) Vegetable Softgels
Product Type: Nutritional Supplement
As D-Alpha Tocopherol, plus Mixed Tocopherols
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans


Nutritional Supplement Features:


Vitamin E may help prevent polyunsaturated fatty acids from breaking down and combining with substances that may harm the body. As a result, fats and oils containing vitamin E are less likely to turn rancid than those without vitamin E.

  • Vitmain E may help prevent oxygen from converting to toxic peroxide free radicals.

  • Vitamin E may help bring nourishment to cells.

  • Vitamin E may help proper function of sex organs and fertility.

  • Heal scar tissue and is required for the growth and repair of the skin.

  • Strengthen capillary walls.

  • Protect red blood cells from being destroyed by poisons, such as hydrogen peroxide, in the blood.

  • Promote healthy immune function.

  • Decrease platelet aggregation (thins blood).

  • Protect the heart and circulation and increase beneficial High Density Lipoproteins (HDL’s)

Nutritional Supplement recommended Dosage:


As a food supplement for adults, one (1) Solgar Natural Source Vitamin E vegetable softgel capsule daily, preferably at mealtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Caution: Vitamin E thins the blood and may therefore not be suitable at this dosage for individuals taking anti-blood clotting drugs such as Warfarin and Heparin.


Nutritional Supplement Ingredients:


Each Solgar Natural Source Vitamin E vegetable softgel capsule provides:
Vitamin E 268mg
(400iu as d-alpha tocopherol prep.)
Mixed Tocopherols25mg


Encapsulated in a natural base of: safflower oil, soya lecithin.


Vegetable softgel capsule shell: modified maize starch, vegetable glycerin, carrageenan, sodium phosphate.


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