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YOGI TEA ROSE Organic tea with herb & flower infusion.
The essences of 7 blossoms and flowers have been blended in one tea creating a masterpiece.
This light, ethereal composition of rose is created with her sisters hibiscus, linden flower, chamomile, elderflower, sunflower and lavender.
A joyful dance of flavors never to be forgotten.
The rose is the queen in the kingdom of plants.
Her graceful form is crowned with a scent you will never forget, a touch of heaven, which seems not to belong to this world.
Her play of forms and colours your eyes will ever enjoy.
Her taste bewitches your tongue and opens your mind.
The element of Rose is Eartch.
Earth is the element that nurtures all.
It is the element of balance.
It relates to that late midsummer time, when the harvest has already brought inside.
Life has become mature.
From the nurturing Yin emerge all the lives.
Earth is the Center.
In the "Empire of the Center" (China) is the house of childhood, where there have been sweet dishes from a caring mother.

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