During your order procedure and while in “Checkout” before you press button “continue” you will be able to

a. adjust quantities of products by entering the desired number in the “Quantity” box and then pressing the update button underneath which is symbolised by two half-circular arrows, or

b. remove some or all of the products from your shopping cart by pressing the “Delete” button which is below the “Quantity” box and symbolised by a red X.

Once you press the “continue” button your order will be finalised you will not be able to change any quantities or items of your order so please double check your order before pressing “continue”.

If your chosen payment method is Cash on Delivery or Bank transfers you will next be taken to a page with the order confirmation and your order’s reference number.

If your payment method is Credit Card or Paypal you will next be taken to JCC’s or Paypal’s payment page respectively.