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B-50 Complex is a nutritional supplement composed of B-Complex vitamins, that specifically targets the promotion of the body’s energy levels as well as helps in the creation of necessary hormones and in specific neural processes that regulate the body’s metabolism. The strategically included Magnesium Citrate, boosts the effect and absorption of vitamin B once it’s in your body.
Lack of vitamin B, leads to the interference of some of the body’s functionality and especially the activity of the nervous system.

Instructions on how to use
1 tablet per day, preferably soon after a meal

Suitable for
Every individual in need of more stamina and higher energy levels
The prevention of hair loss, skin depletion, depression and weakness.

Unique features
Helps when under stress
Promotes the functionality of the heart, nervous system as well as the natural production of hormones
Supports people suffering from depression, confusion, feelings of weakness and exhaustion
Safeguards skin health and hair production

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