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Magnesium Citrate & Vitamin B6 is a nutritional supplement designed and composed specifically to promote healthy muscle, heart and blood vessel functionality.
The composition of Magnesium Citrate along with Vitamin B6 has a calming effect on the nervous system, reduces pre-menstrual related symptoms and maintains a healthy heart and normal blood pressure. It is also effective in treating headaches and easing pain caused by muscle cramps as well as has hypertension – reducing properties.
Magnesium deficiency is known to cause symptoms of sickness, anxiety, insomnia and muscle – related pain.

Instructions on how to use
1 to 2 tablets per day, preferably soon after meals

Suitable for
And especially beneficial to people of all ages

Unique features
Unique blend of organically – derived Magnesium Citrate & Vitamin B6 optimised for controlled body absorption
Calms and soothes a restless body
Reduces pre-menstrual related symptoms as well as muscle cramps
Maintains a healthy heart and healthy bones, balances hypertension and eases headaches

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