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Multi Hair is a nutritional supplement designed and composed specifically to prevent or treat Hair Loss.
This unique composition of nutrients ensures healthy hair and nails, and maintains healthy growth.
Hair loss affects mostly men (an estimated two thirds of the global male population) but may affect women as well, especially during stressful and demanding times. Many different parameters affect the quantity and quality of hair, including malnutrition, periods of intense mental or physical activity, as well as mental or psychological strain. As a result, the consumption of Multi Hair balances things out and provides you with the kind of healthy hair you always craved for.

Instructions on how to use
1 tablet per day, preferably soon after a meal
Do not consume if taking Coumadin

Suitable for
And especially beneficial to people suffering with low hair quality and / or hair loss

Unique features
Unique blend targeting optimised hair and nail growth
Noticeable results within a few weeks
Complete, integrated formula that prevents hair loss, strengthens hair roots, and provides healthy looking nails and surrounding tissue

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