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Biotikid LR is a nutritional supplement composed of Probiotics that promotes the health of your infant and child by specifically targeting and regulating its digestive system.
At this tender age, food allergies, fungi, viruses, bad bacteria as well as possible antibiotic treatments disrupt the delicate balance of a child’s system.
Bio 12 LR is a supplement that enhances and maintains the functionality of the good bacteria found and active within a child’s digesting system thus helping in reducing possible constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and bloating. It also promotes and safeguards good general health including the conditioning of healthy skin development.
Latest studies suggest that the consumption of Biotikid LR has a very positive effect on rebuilding a weak system after a treatment with antibiotics as well as by contributing towards the reinforcement of the immune and digestive systems.

Instructions on how to use
Up to 12 months: 1 measuring spoon daily
12–24 months: 2 measuring spoons daily
Over 2 years old: 2-3 measuring spoons daily
(Biotikid comes as a powder that may be mixed with food (drinks, creamy or any other soft food))

Directions while administering antibiotics:
The supplement should be provided 2 hours after the administration of antibiotics.
It is recommended that Biotikid should be administered for two weeks after the completion of any antibiotics course.

Suitable for
Infants and children
The promotion of good general health as well as balancing the functionalities of the digestive and immune systems

Unique features
Carefully composed formula based on the very latest clinical studies
Contains pre-biotic fibres (FOS)
Flavour and smell neutral

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