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Osteo-Guard is a nutritional supplement designed and composed specifically to promote healthy bones and teeth.
Calcium is known to be the mineral primarily responsible for the maintenance of bones and teeth as it naturally promotes bone and teeth strength by supporting high tissue density.
This supplement is especially recommended to pregnant women as well as women suffering from a bone density decline either due to incorrect sunlight exposure, hormonal activity, viruses, fungi or bacteria, or due to menopause. The formula includes Vitamin D, which helps the body to absorb, distribute and balance bone calcium levels.

Instructions on how to use
1 to 2 tablets per day, preferably soon after meals

Suitable for
And necessary to pregnant women as well as women suffering from bone loss

Unique features
Unique blend targeting optimised bone and teeth quality
Prevents Preeclampsia (Toxaemia) in pregnant women
Concentrated formula of Calcium & Vitamin D
May be combined with other nutritional supplements
Kidney Stone risk reduction

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