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Jointace® contains a unique combination of ingredients to help maintain healthy joints including:

Glucosamine Sulphate:
A naturally occurring amino sugar renowned for the benefits it offers to joints. Glucosamine is naturally required by the body for the production of collagen to cushion the joints (cartilage) and synovial fluid, which bathes and lubricates them.

Collagen (Type II):
Up to 90% of the collagen in joint cartilage is present as the type II form, supplying structural support and strength. This high-grade Crodaflex collagen is hydrolysed to improve absorption and unlike other forms of collagen it contains high levels of the key amino acid hydroxylysine.

Chondroitin Sulphate:
Helps form the proteins that maintain cartilage elasticity and works synergistically with glucosamine to help maintain joint health. Jointace® contains a high quality LMW (low molecular weight) form of chondroitin.

Vitamins & Trace Minerals:
Vitamins C and E to help neutralise free radicals, which can attack joints and cartilage. Vitamin C is also a co-factor in the production of collagen. Contains vitamin D and zinc to help maintain strong bones.

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